Singapore Violin Festival


Founded on the basis of educating aspiring violinists, the goals of the Singapore Violin Festival (SVF) is a non-profit organisation set to raise the level of classical music education in Singapore and to nurture Singapore as a world-class hub for classical strings music in Asia.

Offering an intense and rigorous programme, the festival provides a valuable opportunity for violinists to achieve a higher level of mastery and to develop maturity and sensitivity towards performance. The festival brings together an international panel of world-renowned musicians, with a strong focus on established professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

Scoped with different objectives annually, the festival welcomes violinists from all over the world for a festival which includes masterclasses, concerts and enrichment classes.


Uniqueness of
Singapore Violin Festival

  • The foremost international festival catered specifically towards the violin, featuring renowned concert violinists and pedagogues.

  • Relevant training towards a professional music career - with intense courses, performances and recording sessions on a daily basis.

  • Numerous opportunities to perform on stage, providing mental conditioning to conquer onstage anxiety and fear.

  • Exposure to multiple schools of violin training originating from all across the globe, such as the Belgian, Russian, Soviet, Galamian and modern schools – at a single festival.

  • A platform for talented, budding international musicians to showcase their abilities, while involving enthusiastic young learners mainly from Southeast Asia.

  • An efficient method of learning with notable, established performers and respected young professionals, greatly boosting the standards of classical music-making in the region.